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A low impact, high intensity workout that is designed to sculpt your muscles, strengthen your core and give you an anomaly of a workout. Barre Anomaly is the perfect challenge for anyone looking to begin or push further into their fitness journey. 

Barre Bozeman
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Our signature full body, low impact, high intensity workout that incorporates micro-movements that is sure to push muscles to the point of exhaustion and give you an exhilarating workout. Perfect for all fitness levels.



A combination of the core-strengthening benefits of mat Pilates with the micro-movements and balance challenges of Barre. Get ready to sculpt and tone your entire body while improving flexibility and posture in this invigorating and comprehensive workout experience.



A dynamic fusion of deep cardio workouts and signature barre movements, perfect for individuals who seek a rejuvenating workout! This revolutionary class offers a comprehensive experience that combines strength, power, and stability to unleash your full fitness potential. 





Details coming in mid May 2024!


We have recently become a ClassPass Partner!

If you are part of classpass, reserve your spot through the link!

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Christie led an awesome class! Difficult but also so much fun. Highly recommend!!


Highly recommend this spot for anyone seeking barre workout as a first timer, is looking to add new variety to their fitness routine week to week and those who have been involved in this practice for quite some time.


This was my first barre class and it was phenomenal. Christie was welcoming and provided great instruction and a stellar playlist. She gave plenty of modifications if you needed them and I got in a great workout!

Barre Ferguson Farm

Our studio is located inside of Lone Peak Physical Therapy directly behind The Market Building (630 Boardwalk Ave. Bozeman, MT 59718). Please view both videos below giving a clear visual on entrance options as we can be difficult to spot!

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